About us

Family driven business, providing tailored solutions for customer’s needs, using cutting edge technologies and business know-how. We are market leader in a full scale set construction and special effects for film, television and theatre. Our special effects experts collaborate with well known domestic and for eign productions within television commercials projects for worldwide famous brands. With inventive techniques and equipment, we can provide you with mind blowing special effect like rain, snow, falling hail, fog, explosions etc. In addition, we maintain significant collection of assets (vehicles, motorbikes, historical items and other widgets) for rent. Our registered costumers can easily browse the list of goods or make an inquiry here, in an online catalog. As a special area of interest, our skilled team also offers on demand vehicle customization services with innovative and unique design.


Wide palette of special effect on your request!

Wehicle Customization

Intrigued by challenges and driven by passion, our team will steer you through the process of modification and customization of
your vehicle, to fit your wishes and needs!

The biggest asset rental in Slovenia,
you need it, we have it!

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The man behind the wheel

Legacy of our craft goes from hand to hand for generations. Small locksmith workshop established after World War II by grandfather Jože Zalar (I.) grew up by hands of his son Jože Zalar (II.), who was master welder with experiences allover the world.

Hard work, devotion and reliability lead us to theatre and film industry. Since 2000 leadership is in hands of 3rd generation, grandson of the establisher, Jože Zalar (III.). Company has now dozen employees and cooperates with theatres, televisions and leading productions worldwide.

Hard work

Twenty five years of hard work,
experiences and investments has
contributed to business growth.


Excitement, adrenalin
and smell of gasoline.


Business and private life
hand in hand

You name it, we’ll solve it!
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